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Established by property industry professionals with a combined background in Estate Agency and Design. Our team has experience in all aspects of the property sector including residential Sales, Lettings & property valuing. 


From our direct Industry experience, we know visual representation plays a huge part in maximising financial return. When Vendors invest in the look and feel of a property, viewers lose their hearts and offer that full asking price to secure their dream home.


Our team of property visionaries are knowledgeable, passionate, creative and caring. Always brimming with ideas to improve the ambience and functionality of every property large or small. We want to help you make the most of your investment, whether it be selling, letting or personalised interior design . . . Property Prop Box can help!



My name is Chelsea & I am the Creative Director / Owner of Property Prop Box.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website & for taking the time to see what Property Prop box is all about . . .

We are truly passionate about helping others achieve their property goals!

Having worked in the Real Estate industry I found there was a familiar theme that ran amongst my customers . . .

They all wanted to achieve the best outcome when either selling or renting their property, but they didn't quite realise or understand what was required to achieve this.

It is only with experience & testing different strategies that you truly learn what works!

In a world where we are so visually driven, it is NOT hard to understand that presentation is key . . . and it is for this reason why I created Property Prop Box! 

Combing my creative passion for design & my industry experience, my vision was to create a service that would identify a properties potential & deliver this through visual representation. Helping homeowner set their property apart from the competition & inspiring any potential buyer / renter.

However, our business is not just for those who are looking to achieve a return on their asset. 

Our services can assist those who want to update or upscale their property as we recognise for many, homes are much more than brick & mortar, they are a place of safety, comfort, dreams & memories, & through creative design & visual representation we are passionate & driven to deliver that story . . . after all . . . "home is where the heart is"!.

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