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Staging a property doesn't need to be Expensive!

Welcome to our first Post!! . . . and what better way to start than with a challenge!!

As we are in another lockdown, with limited resources, we decide to set ourselves a challenge . . . to stage a property for Sale by using items already in the property and adding some pieces from our 'prop box'.

Before we go into the details of how the staging project went, let's take a look at the items selected.

When selecting our additional items, we needed to make sure that they would be transitional enough to use in almost every room.

(Throws and cushions are always a key item to have when staging / dressing a property).

** Stagers TIP: When staging a property another key element is to always de-clutter

(just think show home!). Always think about the layout of the room,

move pieces around to make sure you open up the room as much as possible!

** Estate Agents TIP: Viewers always want space! ... Perception is key, even in smaller properties. When a property appears to feel cramped and lacking in storage, many viewers will rule out a property because of this, despite loving its location.

As this project was to stage a property for Marketing Images 'only', this meant we could transfer items from room to room.

Although we were able to limit the number of pieces we needed, the challenge then became making every room look different despite using the same props.

With all this in mind lets take a look at how the staging project went, with some before and after pictures. . .

As you can see from the above, just simple things like making beds and removing unnecessary furniture can make a room look completely different.

For this project we only used 11 pieces from our prop box. Using items we already had meant that there was no cost in materials.

However, if we were to re-buy those items, accumulatively it would have cost us approximately £150, spread that cost over the 5 rooms that where staged, this would have meant we spent £30 per room, an absolute steal for the results!

After being staged and professional photographed this property successfully sold in two weeks, at the marketed price!

If you are needing help in staging or dressing your property, please feel free to contact us today!

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